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The Most Useful Habits for Cleaner House

The Most Useful Habits for Cleaner House

What we certainly dream of in this era of change, chaos, and stress is having everything in our everydayness sorted out on time. We want all the tasks in our endless to do lists being checked. We want to fall asleep with having nothing to take care and worry about on the next day. We want calmness and sometimes we do want an empty mind – no stress, but joy and tranquility. But even if we manage to cope with all the tasks at work, even if we have all the projects done and all the papers ready, we come back at home with another checklist to take care of. Usually it is a weekly or monthly cleaning one, but sometimes is an end of tenancy cleaning and then your life gets harsh and you get nervous a lot. But what if you can maintain the house you live in a pretty good condition without having to sacrifice your free time. Yeah, this is indeed possible if you acquire some habits. Because if you keep your house clean you will not need ages to make it clean when you need to. Simple, isn’t it?

Reduce the Dirt-Making Process

With how we spend our time at home, we surely determine whether it will be a clean one or a neat one. And while the way you maintain your house matters, the way you live there does matter, as well. That is why, if you have a chance better make no dirt. When you come home in a rainy day, put your shoes away instead of entering the house with them. When you are preparing dinner, better do not make a huge mess, but keep things simple. Making less grim directly means that you will have less duties at the end of the day.

Clean As You Goend of tenancy cleaning

However, no matter what you are doing there are some cleaning tasks you will always have to tackle. As you most probably know even if no one lives in a house, it gets dusty and dirty and both the surfaces and the carpets need some care. This can end up being not that hard, though, if you learn to clean as you go. Instead of having a whole Saturday for the cleaning, you can dust while you are catching up with your mom or best friend. You can clean the kitchen while cooking and the bathroom after taking a shower. This will save you time and make you feel calmer having something done without wasting too much time on it.For floor clean, i always prefer using the best spin mop.

Rely on the Pros

This is something you need to learn to do if you dream of always the good looking house. And not because you cannot clean or because you are that busy, but because they are cleaning in a way you cannot. And relying on their services will change the overall condition of your house and your life. The end of tenancy cleaning will thus become a super easy task and your life will be simpler.

What is an Induction CookTop

What is an Induction CookTop

There are different ways to cook your food. But some of them take a long time to cook the food and some of them take only a small amount of time to cook the food. Depending on cooking time and cooking method, kitchen appliance companies has launched different types of products to make the cooking process easier. Pressure cooker, Electric Oven, Induction cooktop are some of them. Induction cooktop is a different styled kitchen appliance which cook any food using its electromagnetic field. Though it uses electric supply to cook the food but it is not so much expensive. A lot of other facilities also available with the induction cooktop and that is the reason of its popularity.

What is an Induction CookTop?

Cooking the food is not a modern technology, rather it is an oldest technology. In the past, people were burn the food to make it soft and tasty. But in this modern era, the main concept about cooking is to make the food safer for human body. There exists a lot of microorganisms in the food ingredients. When we cook a food we actually apply heat to the ingredients and that heat kill those microorganisms. Induction cooktop also do the same job.

Before know about the Induction cooktop, you have to be known about wat is induction? The word induction used as the short form of the term “electromagnetic induction”. The core meaning of induction is generating electricity using magnetism. This process produce heat and that heat can cook the food.

An induction cooktop includes of a copper wire coil, there is a wire which is utilized as a warming component and is put under the pot and it is through the wire that a rotating current is passed. The resultant wavering impact makes a striking field which causes an attractive change that over and again causes the pot to be polarized which treats it like an attractive center taking after that of a transformer.

In about all induction cooktops, the material used for their collecting needs to contain or be made of metal that is ferromagnetic like cast iron or different sorts of stainless steels. Nevertheless, glass, copper, aluminum vessels, and non-appealing stainless steels could be used freely on a substitute circle with a ferromagnetic interface that fills in as a customary fundamental hot plate.

How an Induction CookTop Work?

An induction cooktop is a simple method of cooking within a short time using the electromagnet. In an induction cooktop, there is an electronically controlled coil of metal and it makes the heat to cook any food. When a user turns on the power, there starts a current flow through the coil and it produce a magnetic field using the electric flow. As you have turned on the power, so there will be a constant flow of current and the coil will produce a magnetic field constantly. There is an important law about the electricity, that is electromagnetism is that fluctuating magnetism is produced only by a continuously changing electric current. That is the process how an induction cooktop work and cook the food.

There are a lot of extra facilities you will get with an induction cooktop. This is a risk free electric cooking accessories which anyone can use without any problems. It also cooks food with a constant heat and your food becomes tastier. You can choose different brands and models for your kitchen work. Before order any of the induction cooktop, you can read some reviews.

What is a Deep Fryer and How It Works?

What is a Deep Fryer and How It Works?

Cooking is not a difficult job anymore. Because there are a lot of modern technology kitchen accessories available in the stores. To make the cooking job easy and smooth, a lot of modern kitchen accessories have been invented by the kitchen accessories companies. Some of them will decrease the cooking time and some of them will help you to make your food more tasteful with less effort. When it is about frying something, you can choose different types of fryers for your work. Why you should buy special fryers for frying a food? Because they are totally risk free and you can continuously fry foods like chicken fries, French fries etc.

What is a Deep Fryer?

Deep fryer is one of them which helps to fry something deeps. That means in a deep fryer it covers the whole ingredients to make it crispier and tasty. Deep fryers are also known as Deep Fat Fryers or Flash Fryers. There are mainly two types of deep fryers available in the stores. One is for the home use and the other one is for commercial use. They are different in sizes and capacities. Home fryers are littler in size with littler oil limit compartments and are worked to broil less amounts of food so an individual person or a couple can be fried perfectly. On the other hand, commercial deep fryers are large in size and they have a large space inside the deep fryer. In a commercial deep fryer, you can fry big amount of food at a time. To give the best service, most of the deep fryers has made with electric operating and processing system.

One of the poplar type of deep fryers is counter top Deep Fryer. Counter top Deep Fryers are generally consisting of a temperature controlled and cooking chamber to hold the cooking oil. These type of deep fryers may or may not have a lit. Sometimes there is a basket available with the deep fryers to keep the cooked or fried food. This basket may be removable or not. It is actually depending on the models which you have bought for your kitchen.

How a Deep Fryer Works?

Deep fryers work in a simple process. Deep fryer means it is a kitchen appliance which fry something deeply. Yeah it is a machine which you have to full with oil to fry the foods. First of all, make sure that you have turned on the deep fryer to make your food. Then full the inside of the deep fryer with a good quality oil. If your deep fryer’s basket is removable, then remove the basket from the deep fryer. Clean it welly and put your frying ingredients in it. After arrange your ingredients in the basket wait a minute so that the oil of the deep fryer become hot. Then put the basket gently in the deep fryer and fry your foods. Depending on your wish it may take 5-10 minutes to fry the foods.

The best part you will love about the deep fryer is, the food becomes crispy and tasty. No matter if you are a newbie in the frying work; if you have a best home deep fryer, then you can also make tasty fried foods right in your kitchen.

Most Popular Philips Air fryer models 2016

Most Popular Philips Air fryer models 2016

Air fryer is one of the popular cooking appliance to cook healthy and low fat food. This cooking tool is becoming popular day by day because of its low price and hygienic food quality. When you will search about air fryers in online, you will see that there are a lot of air fryer brands are selling different models of air fryer. But, what do you think about brand? Does each brand are perfect to cook healthy food? Actually for any kind of product, there are lot of brands. But only few of them become popular because of amazing features. Like the other accessories, there are some popular brands for air fryer. Philips is one of them. If you use Philips air fryers for your daily cooking work, then it will help you to make healthy food within a short time. Here I am discussing about top 5 Philips Air fryer models.

Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology

  • In Philips HD9220/26, there is an adjustable temperature control up to 390 degrees which allows the user to cook a variety of food
  • This model of Philips air fryer has ready signal and auto shut-off 30-minute timer.
  • This model has come with Dishwasher-safety feature and easy to clean up.
  • Maximum capacity of the cooking basket is 1.8lb.
  • Enjoy 70% less fat foods with great taste! As shown in a laboratory using fresh fries compared to a deep fryer.

Philips HD9240/94 Avance Digital AirFryer XL with Rapid Air Technology

  • This is a Certified Refurbished product which is tested & certified to work like-new and is backed by a 90-day warranty to ensure the uses security.
  • The main feature of this model which is called Rapid Air Technology circulates hot air with speed and precision for perfect results with a tablespoon or less of oil.
  • Available Smart preset button that memorizes the settings for your favorite food.
  • This is a Large model of air fryer which maximum cooking capacity is 2.65lb serves 4 people.
  • Digital touchscreen interface to make it easy to operate the air fryer.

Philips HD9240/34 Avance Digital AirFryer XL with Rapid Air Technology

  • Perfect for any kind of fried foods; as for example: chicken fries, French fries etc.
  • Made of durable materials which make sure that this product can be used for a long time without any kind of problems in the parts.
  • The fryer performs well and sustenance’s taste close to the deep fry.
  • This model of air fryer from Philips is great for packaged French fries or foods that already have a little fat in them.
  • Rapid Air technology ensures you can cook your meal within a short time.

Though different models of Philips have different prices, you can order any of the above for your daily cooking. Every model of Philips is perfect for daily use. If you order are furnished product of Philips, then don’t forget to check if the air fryer has warranty or not. Also check if the product is certified or not. Because you will find some refurnished air fryers are certified. Though you can go for any model, but if yours chosen product has the Rapid Air technology then it will help you more to get a better cooking experience.

How to Use Air Fryer To Cook Smoothly and Easily

How to Use Air Fryer To Cook Smoothly and Easily

In the era of modern science, there are different ways to cook your food. You can use some electric cooking accessories to decrease the cooking time. Pressure cooker, Slow cooker, Air fryer are some of the electric cooking appliance. Though every appliance is to cook food, but each of them has a different way to use. Here I will discuss about, how to Use Air Fryer.

What is Air Fryer?

An air fryer is actually a cooking kitchen appliance that cooks in a different way using air. It cooks any food by circulating hot air around the food you want to cook. There is a mechanical fan in the air fryer which circulates the hot air around the food. The fan passes the air at a high speed to cook the food perfectly and produce a crispy layer and make the food yummy.

How to Use Air Fryer for Cooking Food?

If you search on internet about the ways to cook in air fryer, then you will find there are tons of ways to use an air fryer for cooking food. Different air fryer foods can be cooked in different ways. Here I am sharing some of the idea to use an air fryer to cook food. When you will become familiar with air fryer, you can try different cooking methods to use air fryer to cook different foods. You will be able to using air fryer dehydrators and advanced baking with the air fryer baking pans.

Use Air Fryer for baking

As I have mentioned above, you can use an air fryer for different cooking purposes. Baking in an air fryer is also possible. I know may be you are not familiar with this term that you can bake in the air fryer. With most air fryers which are available in online stores, you can utilize the given heating skillet to make delicacies foods. As for example you can bake biscuits, brownies, cupcakes and bread with an air fryer. No matter you want to make a homemade good or bake pre-heated foods with your air fryer, the air fryer will allow you to do it all. The average time of baking with an air fryer is from 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes.

Grill in an air fryer

Grill with an air fryer is more easy than the other processes of making a grill. The best thing you will love about grilling in an air fryer is, you don’t have to observe the heating process to make sure that you are giving heat equally in every side of the ingredient. In air fryer, the fan of the air fryer passes air at a high speed to the inside of the appliance and heating up all sides of your food. That is why you don’t have to observe the ingredient every time to check if it is getting the heat perfectly or not. Most of the air fryer has come in the market with the grill layer or a grill pan. It is too easy to grill anything using the grill layer or grill pan. Surface of the grill can quickly soak up any excess fat from the ingredients and make sure that you are getting the healthy and perfect meals for your regular meal.

Making Roast Using an Air Fryer

Yeah, you can also make roast in your air fryer. You can make your dinner faster when you are suing an air fryer for your cooking. You can make roast of meat or veggies easily with an air fryer. When you cook roast in the air fryer, you will find that your food is so much tasty and also you can save some time with an air fryer. No matter what kind of food you are going to roast with an air fryer. Usual air fryers allow the users to roast anything with a few steps.

Though I have mentioned only three special types of food cooking process above, but you can also cook other foods using an air fryer. Before ordering an air fryer, keep in mind that you should buy a quality product with the premium features. Happy cooking.

How to Use a Deep fryer to Make your Fried Foods Tasty?

How to Use a Deep fryer to Make your Fried Foods Tasty?

Oh! Finally, you have bought a home deep fryer to make your fried foods. And you are here means, you are actually not sure about the using procedure of a deep fryer.

But don’t feel shy to know about the frying process in a deep fryer. It is okay that you don’t know how to cook in a deep fryer. But if you read the whole article then I think you will be able to cook different types of delicious foods with your deep fryer.

Cooking or frying technique in a deep fryer is depends on the item you are going to cook or fry in the deep fryer. Here I will discuss the very basics of a deep fryer so that you can cook and fry your necessary foods with a few steps. Let’s start the process.

Step 1: The first step you have to do is take sufficient oil to fry your foods. But keep in mind that you don’t want to take some unhealthy foods. So choose the right brand of the oil. Now pour enough oil in the cool deep fryer and fill it. You will find a maximum fill line in the deep fryer. Don’t pour more oil when it has already crossed the line. Rather try to full your deep fryer below that line.

Step 2: After pouring enough oil in the deep fryer, it is time to turning on the deep fryer to start frying a food. Plug in your deep fryer and on the switch. Or set the temperature and the timer in the deep fryer (depends on your deep fryers model). Ideal temperature to fry a food in a deep fryer is 350-degree F to 375-degree F. I some models of air fryers, there is a thermostat that automatically ensures the temperature is correct. You can also manually observe the temperature.

Step 3: Now you are ready to fry your foods with the deep fryer. As you are frying your food in hot oil, so make sure that your foods are dry. As for example, if you are going to make French fries, after cutting down the potatoes into pieces. Clean them with water and wait until the pieces became dry. You can also use tissue papers to absorb the water from the potatoes.

Step 4: When you are going to lower the foods, be careful so that hot oil doesn’t touch your skin. Though now a day, most of the deep fryers has the basket to insert the food. If you have those kind of deep fryer, then just put minimum level food ingredients in the basket and place it carefully into the deep fryer.

Step 5: Now wait until your food becomes ready to eat. Though different food items take different times to be ready, depending on what kind of food you are frying, you can set a timer to make sure that your food is now ready to eat.

Some fryers have a built in timer from where you can make sure that in your deep fryer, over cooking never happen. If you don’t have a timer, then you can start the stop watch of your phone to count the time of cooking.

Step 6: After a specific time, your food will be ready to eat. When your food has fried perfectly and ready to eat, remove the basket from the deep fryer very carefully. If there is no basket in your deep fryer, then you can use some special type of spoon to remove your foods from the deep fryer. Wait a few minutes so that your foods become dry from the oiliness. And you are ready to eat the food.

Happy cooking. If you have further questions about cooking or frying in a dep fryer then feel free to ask about it.

How to Clean Air Fryer Filter-Keep Your Air Fryer Hygienic

How to Clean Air Fryer Filter-Keep Your Air Fryer Hygienic

Cooking or frying foods with an air fryer is interesting. You can make your daily food healthy and tasty by using an air fryer. But you should also consider that if you want hygienic food with good taste then it is necessary to clean your air fryer in a regular basis. Otherwise it will be so tough to make food perfectly and sometimes your foods may lose the original taste. So you should know the process, how to clean an air fryer to use it for a long time without any major issues. Here I am going to share with you how you can clean the parts of your air fryer.

Cleaning an air fryer is not a difficult job as well. This cleaning job is similar to the other cleaning work of the kitchen. In the ordinary fryers, there are a lot of tools which becomes dirty and you have to clean them every time. But air fryers use a little bit oil for cooking and that is why it don’t become dirty like the other fryers. And you can follow a few steps to clean the air fryer.

Washing Inside and Outside

To wash and clean the inside and outside of the air fryer, first of all unplug the air fryer from electric line. You can start cleaning the outside using a moist cloth. Then remove the basket from the air fryer to clean it. Using a soft sponge and a little bit hot water with some soap, you can clean both inside and the outside of the air fryer.

Soak a soft cloth or a sponge cleaning pads in dishwashing liquid mixed warm water to start the cleaning process. Now, Scrub the cloth to drain and use it to wipe the inside and outside parts of the air fryer. Clean the inside and outside gently and then rinse with cold water.

On the off chance that there is any stuck sustenance buildup inside the air fryer, you don’t need to be concerned. A medium and gentle brush can help you out, even by achieving the warming component of the air fryer. One safeguard you ought to remember is don’t use a wire brush made of steel or too hard brush to maintain a strategic distance from any harms brought on by the front of the air fryer’s warming component.

Cleaning the Pan and the Basket of the Air Fryer

You have to also clean the pan and the basket of the air fryer. Pour some hot water into the pan and also add some dishwashing or cleaning liquid with the water. Wait at least 15 minutes so that the pan and the basket can soak the hot water. During this process, you can separate residues and dust gradually from the basket as well as the pan.

Pick out the basket from the pan and clean its wall with a non-abrasive brush or sponge. After cleaning the basket now mover on the pan and clean it perfectly. You can follow the same steps you have followed during the basket cleaning. After cleaning both of them keep them in a dry place so that it become dry and you can use them for your new cooking. If there are any strains on the buttons, you can clean them with a piece of cotton. You can use some alcohol with the cotton for a better result.

After cleaning the above body parts, you can also clean the coil, filter and other accessories of the air fryer. During the whole cleaning process, just keep on thing in your mind that you shouldn’t use any hard brush or hard synthetic cloth to clean the air fryer.

How to Choose an Air Fryer

How to Choose an Air Fryer

Who don’t want to stay healthy? I know everyone dreamed to be a healthy and wealthy man. But have you thought about your daily food menu? Are you taking the right food for you? Most of the people are not concern about the healthy food. Some people find difficulties to find the right food and cook the right food. But when you have an air fryer, you don’t have to be tensed a lot about your health as it will make food or fry food with a low amount of oil. As you know extra oil is not good for your health. Air fryer is one of the popular kitchen appliance in present. It is mainly popular for its cooking method. But it is actually tough to find the best one from thousands of models. To pick the right one from them, you have to keep some special facts in your mind. Here I will discuss how you can choose the best air fryer for your kitchen. Let’s see what are the features of a perfect air fryer.


When you are ordering a kitchen appliance, especially electric appliances you have to trust on the product. And it is only possible when you have chosen the right brand for the product. So choose the right brand for your air fryer.

Size of the Air Fryer

When you are buying a kitchen appliance, the most important thing about the product size. Either it is for the space of your kitchen or for the cooking capability. Like the other products, you have to also check the air fryers size. As it is true about the air fryers that there is a small space in the air fryer. So you should keep in mind that you have to order one which has a good space to cook food. The average air fryers available in the market are able to contain around 2 pounds of ingredients.

Capacity of the Air Fryer

Air fryers are operated by electricity. Therefore, you should consider the capacity of the air fryer you are going to buy. Discrepancies in wattage supply can cause serious damage and electric shocks in your kitchen and it can also break your electric supply chain. Most popular ranges of air fryer are between 700-1500 watt. So when you are ordering one check the watt of your product.


It is better to check the main features of an air fryer. Though almost all of the air fryers has the same features, but some special features available with specific models. So make sure that you have checked the feature of the product you have chosen to buy.


If you order a product which is difficult to operate and controlling system is tough, then obviously you will not love the product. So check the product to make sure that it is easy to operate and control the product and the process is not so much complicated.

Back-Up and Warranty Services

When you are ordering the air fryer0, check what kind of warranty available on the model. It is mandatory, because electric kitchen appliances appear some major issues after usage of a few days. If the product has a good warranty package, then you can go for that model.


Though it is up to you that how much money you want to spend for a specific product, but make sure that you are getting the right product for your money. It is better to compare the price of different brands and models. If you do a little bit research, then you can easily find a perfect air fryer with a smart budget.

Though I have tried to suggest all things you have to consider before ordering an air fryer, you can check some other specifications too. If available, then read some reviews about the product you are going to buy.

Just How Can a sense Fryer Work-Let’s Know about Process

Just How Can a sense Fryer Work-Let’s Know about Process

Cooking could be a daily work to get a good meal in your dinner or breakfast. As people are increasingly being busy with some other household, it is therefore nearly impossible to find the needed time for you to prepare. Because of this cooking specialists and cooking appliance publication rack attempting to invent new stuff to actually result in the cooking job easy. Pressure oven, grain oven, electric oven, air fryer really are a handful of good good good examples of individuals. Air fryer includes a different cooking style in comparison to other cooking home home home appliances. It always cooks any type of food by passing heat for that food components. Together with your food becomes prepared to eat within a while.

There are many kinds of air fryers and each one has different advantages and disadvantages. However, as being a citizen of latest era requires maintaining balanced and healthy diet. This can be really where a sense fryer will help you. You’ll have the ability to prepare the foods without oil simply while using the atmosphere fryer. At this point you ask ,, will it be true you can prepare the foods without oil? Although not simple to consider people meals might be created without oil but it is easy while using the air fryer. Here you’ll manage to understand how a sense fryer works.

Working Manner of Air Fryer

Okay, in reality, If perhaps to condition one ingredient that there’s no food which may be fried without oil. You’ll have the ability to decrease the quantity of oil however, you can’t totally avoid oil for your cooking task. Though you will see that individuals are praoclaiming that Oilless Air Fryer can fry any food without oil. But it’s not always true as air fryer offers its very own oil which acquainted with fry the meals. The operation of baking a meals are, the climate fryer passes heat in the high-speed before the food temperature reaches at the goal of temperature in which the air fryer fries the meals getting a unique oil. The streaming in the heat is known as the Rapid Air Technology.

Allow me to explain what’s Rapid Air technologies are. That may help you more clarify relevant with this technology, you need to consider areas in the atmosphere fryer that make easy to fry any food without mixing exterior oil. To arrange or fry a food without oil, the factor which assists most may be the cooking container. What’s the cooking container? Okay, this can be truly the container where the food must be stored to organize. There’s a larger-speed fan inside the cooking container. This fan passes the completely new air for that container to arrange the meals and gleam dent within the lower part which helps to ensure that heat is passing while using whole food component. However, the way a heat comes from the fan? There’s a flame situated underneath the fan along with the fan enables you to definitely spread your mind over the container perfectly. Because of this, should you prepare something in mid-air fryer it cooks both sides within the food very welly. Because the heat remains constant, you don’t have to become tensed regarding the taste. That’s the procedure that your feeling fryer uses to arrange or fry a food within a while.

If you wish to get sucked in in the cooking or baking manner of the climate fryer in practically, you’ll be capable of see the operation of making Fried taters getting an aura fryer. The physician inform you to don’t take Fried taters because it contain lots of oils which is not a genuine balanced diet whatsoever. However if you simply make sure it is through getting a feeling fryer, you’ll have the ability to proceed and take food with no hesitation. Here the products of taters are stored within the food container. After protecting your pieces if taters within the food container just pass the completely new air a within 10-12 minutes you will find that the products of taters have become crispy and there’s less oil. So finally you’ve some Fried taters that’s healthy.

Air fryers are becoming popular daily due to its facilities. And you will remain guaranteed regarding the food quality that has made upon an aura fryer. Heat could not make any injuries for the food and doesn’t spoil the diet program within the food. So, you can begin today getting an aura

Benefits of Air Fryers-Why Should You Use an Air Fryer

Benefits of Air Fryers-Why Should You Use an Air Fryer

Day by day people are becoming concern about their health and they don’t want to take unhealthy food. We know that the worst thing of food is oil. When you will take a lot of oil with your foods, it will increase your body cholesterol and you can face a heart attack. Kitchen appliance companies see this as an ideal business opportunity. They are trying to take the advantage of our naivety by producing and marketing different types of products ranging from healthy packed foods to keep us safe from different health diseases. They are actually designing different products to cook delicious food without too many calories or cholesterols. One of the more recent invention of kitchen appliance is an air fryer. You can cook any kind of foods with a low amount of oil as possible using an air fryer. That is why this kitchen tool is so much popular to the health concern people. This tool will help you to fry any kind of ingredients with a minimum level oil and keep you secured from different kind of health risk.

What are the Benefits of an Air Fryer?

  • The best facility people consider about an air fryer is cooking with a low fat. Where you have to use a lot of oil to cook any food with as usual kitchen appliances, in an air fryer you can low the fat up to 80% to make your food healthier. That means you can cut down the fat and calories by up to 80-percent and can avoid the risks of extra oil of food.
  • The next thing comes after the facility of low fat is the cleaning and maintenance facility of an air fryer. Some of the cooking appliances are difficult to clean and you have to spent a lot of time top clean them. But most of the body parts of an air fryer are removable. That is, you can easily remove them and you can clean them. You can wash every parts separately to ensure the hygienic condition of this cooking appliance.
  • The best thing I love about an air fryer is you will never burn your hand skin when you are cooking or frying French fries or chicken fries. When you used to make French fries or chicken fries, it used to panic when you were going to toss the things into an oil-filled fryer. And the oil is too much hot to burn your skin. But there is no risk of burning your skin when you are using an air fryer.
  • When we start to cooking something, we need different types of kitchen appliances to do the job perfectly. You will probably have a grill, an oven alongside a fryer to fry your foods. But when you are using an air fryer for your frying work, this is the only one appliance which can fulfill all your needs of frying. That means you can save some extra bucks with an air fryer.
  • Making any dish by air fryer is quite easy, have a try this air fryer recipe

Some Cons of an Air Fryer

Most of the household electronic appliances has some limitations and you can’t avoid them. Like the other kitchen appliances, air fryers have also some disadvantages.

  • There is a little space in the air fryer to cook food. Most of the air fryers available in online has a small capacity inside of them. So you can’t cook all your food at a time using an air fryer. Rather you have to cook your food in batches.
  • Another thing you will not love about the air fryer is the cooking time. It takes almost double of the time of usual cooking. When you will use a deep fryer you can fry French fries or chicken fries within a short time. But it takes a long time to make them with an air fryer as it doesn’t use external oil to cook or fry the foods.