Blank loans without earmarking


No matter what you want to finance, with the blank loan you remain flexible.

No consultant inquires about the reason for the financing, you are not accountable to anyone. You can’t get more privacy with a loan.

There is a wide range of free-use loans. It is therefore all the more important to compare the terms of the individual financing offers with one another. On this page we explain what is important when looking for the right loan. Our powerful credit calculator is also available.

Finance cleverly with the blank loan

Finance cleverly with the blank loan

Nobody should finance private purchases more expensive with the overdraft facility. Blank credit is a much better choice. We have outlined the key benefits of funding below.

  • Free use

    The loan amount disbursed is not restricted. Each borrower decides for what he wants to use the money. There are no requirements or restrictions.

  • Easy access

    The market has long been dominated by direct banks, which in turn have created flexible financing solutions. The blank loan can also be applied for quickly and easily online. Apart from income, no further loan security is required.

  • Favorable loan interest

    The actual conditions are an important point. Those who use our loan comparison experience the interest rates of many well-known banks and thus secure access to attractive loan interest rates.

  • Reliable repayment

    No matter how hard you try, it is often difficult to compensate for the overdraft facility. A loan with constant monthly installments promises significantly more security. The borrower can predict exactly when the repayment will be completed.

Financing process

Financing process

The first step is to make a non-binding request. This is done directly from our comparison calculator. The applicant then learns from one of our advisors whether and on what terms the financing can be made. It is also communicated which documents are to be sent in for the credit decision. Shortly after the documents are received, the loan is approved and paid out.

As a rule, repayment begins the following month. Credit rates are to be paid in a constant amount. The amount can in turn be varied by selecting the appropriate term. Most banks offer credit terms of between 24 and 72 months.

Unrestricted credit

Unrestricted credit

There are numerous loans that are earmarked. They are therefore only available for selected financing purposes, such as buying a car, buying real estate or modernizing a building. The respective real assets serve as collateral for the loan, which in turn promises good conditions.

The key difference with blank credit is that it is actually freely available. The lender does not make any regulations, ie the use of the funds is a private matter of the borrower. An exception are special home loan loans that can be obtained without collateral. There, the blank credit can be subject to a purpose limitation.

In this context, we would like to add that the place of borrowing should not be neglected. If you ask your loan in a bank branch, you shouldn’t be surprised if the advisor asks about the purpose. However, whoever decides to finance through a direct bank is guaranteed not to be asked. For this reason, blank loans are often used for the following projects:

  • Repay other loans
  • Lend money to family members or friends
  • Realization of private projects
  • cosmetic surgery

Notes on residual debt insurance

Notes on residual debt insurance

With blank loans, too, there is often the option of taking out a loan with residual debt insurance. It hedges risks that jeopardize loan repayment. This can even include the death of the borrower, so that in the event of an emergency, the surviving dependents / heirs are not obliged to repay the loan.

In this environment, residual debt insurance is often expensive, but offers only limited benefits. The protection is often not worthwhile, especially for smaller loan amounts. Accordingly, it should be considered whether this protection is really needed. Those who do without it often achieve substantial savings – also because the insurance premium is usually co-financed.

Blank loan comparison

Compare conditions now. You specify the loan amount and term, we determine the best interest rate for your blank loan from numerous loan offers. On request, we not only take into account installment loans, but are also happy to take home loan loans without security in the land register.

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