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How to Clean Air Fryer Filter-Keep Your Air Fryer Hygienic

How to Clean Air Fryer Filter-Keep Your Air Fryer Hygienic

Cooking or frying foods with an air fryer is interesting. You can make your daily food healthy and tasty by using an air fryer. But you should also consider that if you want hygienic food with good taste then it is necessary to clean your air fryer in a regular basis. Otherwise it will be so tough to make food perfectly and sometimes your foods may lose the original taste. So you should know the process, how to clean an air fryer to use it for a long time without any major issues. Here I am going to share with you how you can clean the parts of your air fryer.

Cleaning an air fryer is not a difficult job as well. This cleaning job is similar to the other cleaning work of the kitchen. In the ordinary fryers, there are a lot of tools which becomes dirty and you have to clean them every time. But air fryers use a little bit oil for cooking and that is why it don’t become dirty like the other fryers. And you can follow a few steps to clean the air fryer.

Washing Inside and Outside

To wash and clean the inside and outside of the air fryer, first of all unplug the air fryer from electric line. You can start cleaning the outside using a moist cloth. Then remove the basket from the air fryer to clean it. Using a soft sponge and a little bit hot water with some soap, you can clean both inside and the outside of the air fryer.

Soak a soft cloth or a sponge cleaning pads in dishwashing liquid mixed warm water to start the cleaning process. Now, Scrub the cloth to drain and use it to wipe the inside and outside parts of the air fryer. Clean the inside and outside gently and then rinse with cold water.

On the off chance that there is any stuck sustenance buildup inside the air fryer, you don’t need to be concerned. A medium and gentle brush can help you out, even by achieving the warming component of the air fryer. One safeguard you ought to remember is don’t use a wire brush made of steel or too hard brush to maintain a strategic distance from any harms brought on by the front of the air fryer’s warming component.

Cleaning the Pan and the Basket of the Air Fryer

You have to also clean the pan and the basket of the air fryer. Pour some hot water into the pan and also add some dishwashing or cleaning liquid with the water. Wait at least 15 minutes so that the pan and the basket can soak the hot water. During this process, you can separate residues and dust gradually from the basket as well as the pan.

Pick out the basket from the pan and clean its wall with a non-abrasive brush or sponge. After cleaning the basket now mover on the pan and clean it perfectly. You can follow the same steps you have followed during the basket cleaning. After cleaning both of them keep them in a dry place so that it become dry and you can use them for your new cooking. If there are any strains on the buttons, you can clean them with a piece of cotton. You can use some alcohol with the cotton for a better result.

After cleaning the above body parts, you can also clean the coil, filter and other accessories of the air fryer. During the whole cleaning process, just keep on thing in your mind that you shouldn’t use any hard brush or hard synthetic cloth to clean the air fryer.