How to Use a Deep fryer to Make your Fried Foods Tasty?

How to Use a Deep fryer to Make your Fried Foods Tasty?

Oh! Finally, you have bought a home deep fryer to make your fried foods. And you are here means, you are actually not sure about the using procedure of a deep fryer.

But don’t feel shy to know about the frying process in a deep fryer. It is okay that you don’t know how to cook in a deep fryer. But if you read the whole article then I think you will be able to cook different types of delicious foods with your deep fryer.

Cooking or frying technique in a deep fryer is depends on the item you are going to cook or fry in the deep fryer. Here I will discuss the very basics of a deep fryer so that you can cook and fry your necessary foods with a few steps. Let’s start the process.

Step 1: The first step you have to do is take sufficient oil to fry your foods. But keep in mind that you don’t want to take some unhealthy foods. So choose the right brand of the oil. Now pour enough oil in the cool deep fryer and fill it. You will find a maximum fill line in the deep fryer. Don’t pour more oil when it has already crossed the line. Rather try to full your deep fryer below that line.

Step 2: After pouring enough oil in the deep fryer, it is time to turning on the deep fryer to start frying a food. Plug in your deep fryer and on the switch. Or set the temperature and the timer in the deep fryer (depends on your deep fryers model). Ideal temperature to fry a food in a deep fryer is 350-degree F to 375-degree F. I some models of air fryers, there is a thermostat that automatically ensures the temperature is correct. You can also manually observe the temperature.

Step 3: Now you are ready to fry your foods with the deep fryer. As you are frying your food in hot oil, so make sure that your foods are dry. As for example, if you are going to make French fries, after cutting down the potatoes into pieces. Clean them with water and wait until the pieces became dry. You can also use tissue papers to absorb the water from the potatoes.

Step 4: When you are going to lower the foods, be careful so that hot oil doesn’t touch your skin. Though now a day, most of the deep fryers has the basket to insert the food. If you have those kind of deep fryer, then just put minimum level food ingredients in the basket and place it carefully into the deep fryer.

Step 5: Now wait until your food becomes ready to eat. Though different food items take different times to be ready, depending on what kind of food you are frying, you can set a timer to make sure that your food is now ready to eat.

Some fryers have a built in timer from where you can make sure that in your deep fryer, over cooking never happen. If you don’t have a timer, then you can start the stop watch of your phone to count the time of cooking.

Step 6: After a specific time, your food will be ready to eat. When your food has fried perfectly and ready to eat, remove the basket from the deep fryer very carefully. If there is no basket in your deep fryer, then you can use some special type of spoon to remove your foods from the deep fryer. Wait a few minutes so that your foods become dry from the oiliness. And you are ready to eat the food.

Happy cooking. If you have further questions about cooking or frying in a dep fryer then feel free to ask about it.

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