17-year-old girl with Down syndrome becomes a designer for a fashion show in Kolkata, the crowd gives her a standing ovation

Photo: Facebook/Anushka Niara Mitter


  • Anushka Niara Mitter designed the summer sketchbook collection for the Ink London summer fashion show.
  • She designed unique floral patterns.
  • His collection would be called the “Niara Collection”.
Anushka Niara Mitter, star of Zink London’s summer fashion event, has been turning many heads in Kolkata. The 17-year-old with Down’s Syndrome walked up the ramp as models showcased her creative floral designs on stage. The teenager had designed the summer sketchbook collection for the show. The collection mainly offers blue and white colors.

As the teenager walked up the ramp holding her father’s hand, the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

Speaking about his daughter’s achievement, her father Ananjan Mitter said News 18, “She loves to paint. Her features are different. We were talking about her painting with our friend Malini who owns Zink London. Malini approached us and said she wanted to take her designs and start a collection called Niara Collection. We have Niara said, she was happy. That’s how things started. She did all these drawings. We’re overwhelmed today.”

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Her mother Nilima Mitter said: “She is a very special child. She has been giving back to society for 10 years. Today, she was amazed when she saw all the models wearing her designs. We hope she can build a career around it, because she really loves painting. »

The Zink London group will soon launch the collection for teenagers. It will be called the “Niara Collection”. Commenting on the girl’s design, Malini, owner of Zink London, said: “Niara is very talented; that’s why we collaborated with her. This show was major and we already have good feedback. It also gave him a special identity and we too are happy.”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time the world has had the chance to witness Niara’s unique talent and creativity. The teenager held her own painting exhibition in Mumbai around seven years ago. At the time, she was publicly recognized for her skills. Niara, who was diagnosed at birth, only talks to her mother and mostly lives in her own creative world.

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