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PITTSBURGH – When Pallavi Golla’s first son was a baby, she loved to take him to Highland Park.

Pallavi Golla is the President and CEO of Lark Adventurewear.

“Getting outside was stress relief for me, but in his cotton coverall he would get so hot and sweaty and had a rash,” she recalls.

Golla wore Lululemon Athletica clothing to keep cool and out of the sun. Was there something like this for the kids? Not really, she found, and the sun protection clothing available was strewn with chemicals you wouldn’t want your child to be exposed to.

So she made hers. Golla is President and CEO of Lark Adventurewear (, a Pittsburgh-based clothing brand that specializes in breathable, stain-resistant and eco-friendly fabrics with UPF 50 protection. After four years specializing in children’s clothing, it expands to include women’s clothing.

“People have always said, ‘I want something like this for myself,” Golla said. “I really envision this becoming a lifestyle business that thrives in the adult realm. There are a lot of things going on. ‘opportunities for that.

Kids clothing

Children’s clothing from Lark Adventurewear, a brand specializing in breathable, stain resistant, super soft and eco-friendly fabrics with UPF 50 protection.

At the start of Lark Adventurewear, Golla was not only a new mom, but also a newbie to the clothing industry. A native of Pittsburgh who grew up in Franklin Park, she moved to New York City to work in the hedge fund industry on Wall Street, then to California for a wine production job at a startup.

She now resides in Upper St. Clair, where Lark Adventurewear is based.

“It’s about taking baby steps if you have an idea,” Golla said. “I spent nine months learning, calling manufacturers, calling textile companies, talking to any friend who was in the clothing industry.”

She tried fabric samples on her son and worked with a manufacturer in Los Angeles to make the clothes. What she came up with is called Softek, a bamboo-based knit that wicks away moisture, protects from the sun and resists stains without using chemicals.

“To be honest, I realized that there was so much innovation in adult textiles, and we just put our kids in the same old things,” she said.

Another goal of Lark Adventurewear is to make life easier for parents and to design colorful clothes that kids will really want to wear.

“The impressions we make excite children,” said Golla. “They want to wear the bear shirt or the Jeep pajamas, without it being tacky.”

"The essential t-shirt"

Women wear “the essential tee”, a t-shirt from the new Lark Adventurewear women’s collection. It’s available in five colors in sizes XS through XXL for $ 37.

For the 2020 holiday season, Lark Adventurewear made adult pajamas to match children’s ones – and they were a hit. This spring, the brand released what it has dubbed “the essential t-shirt” for women.

“We asked people, ‘How do we make the best tees? “We literally got 200 responses about the brands people like to wear, the things they like about them, what they look like, how loose or loose they are, and where they touch them at the waist,” a Golla said.

She incorporated all of those comments into Lark Adventurewear’s new women’s t-shirts ($ 37), available in five colors and ranging from XS to XXL.

“In two weeks, this T-shirt was our third bestseller on the site. People love it, and not just moms.

Last year, the brand made a popular children’s terry cloth tracksuit. A version with joggers and hoodies for adults is already in the works.

The Lark Adventurewear women’s collection is made from the same fabrics used for its children’s clothing, without chemicals.

“For women, these can be endocrine disruptors and affect their hormonal systems,” Golla said. “It’s just something people don’t think about. We think about what we eat but not what we put on our body.

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