Modernization loan with top interest rates: tips and conditions


Would you like to modernize your property and are looking for the right loan? Then you are exactly right with us.

Regardless of whether you want to install new windows or renovate and, for example, buy new flooring: We will guide you to the right modernization loan.

Various loans are available to finance modernization. We explain which modernization loans are best suited for which projects. In addition, you have a strong loan calculator at your disposal to determine current loan interest immediately.

Finance modernization of your property cheaply

Finance modernization of your property cheaply

The building modernization spans many areas. First of all, we would like to show which typical measures are most often financed by credit.

  • Energetic renovation

    The focus is on renovation measures that contribute to reducing energy consumption. This includes in particular the installation of external insulation and the installation of new windows. Likewise the installation of a modern heating system and the insulation of the roof.

  • cultivation

    If the house is too small and there is a need for more living space, an extension might be appropriate. Here, too, there are often substantial costs, so that there is no way around borrowing.

  • Renovate

    During a renovation, the focus is on “cosmetic” measures, such as laying new floor coverings or wallpapering.

  • Convert according to age

    The property should offer its residents adequate comfort and a high level of security even in old age. The costs of such modernization should not be underestimated, which is why the demand for modernization loans is correspondingly high.

Financing process

Financing process

The first step is to choose the right loan. How quickly he applies to the bank depends on the type of loan. An installment loan suitable for modernization is available within a very short time. The process takes longer with mortgage loans. Details will follow in the next chapter.

In both cases, the loan amount is repaid on the basis of constant monthly installments. Since modernization loans usually amount to larger amounts, longer terms than usual apply. These average between approximately three and ten years. Ideally, the amount of the installment is adjusted in such a way that a quick repayment is made, but the loan installment is effortlessly spent month after month. , Almost every loan now offers the option of making additional repayments.

Modernization loans in detail

Modernization loans in detail

As previously indicated, various types of loans are suitable for financing. Below we have explained the two main types of loan.

Finance modernization by installment loan

A lot has happened in the area of ​​installment loans (also known as consumer loans). Interest rates have dropped significantly, making them ideal for financing modernization or renovation. Interest rates are often only slightly higher compared to a mortgage loan. In return, borrowers benefit from a quick credit decision and quick payouts. In addition, shorter terms are possible and at the same time, such a modernization loan is somewhat more flexible overall.

Modernization loan comparison

Compare loan interest now. You determine the loan amount and term, we determine the best interest for your modernization loan from numerous financing offers. We are happy to take into account details such as a quick payment, possible special repayments and a check for funding.

Taking out a mortgage loan

This form of real estate loan is secured through land charges. Strictly speaking, this is a form of home finance. The borrower receives the modernization loan for his home and can use it to finance a wide variety of measures. If, for example, he wants to renovate or modernize in line with his age, he often has to cover high costs with the loan amount.

Due to the better credit security, the bank grants a lower interest rate. If you want to finance larger projects, such as a comprehensive energy renovation or an extension, you will quickly find yourself in the upper five-digit or even six-digit cost environment. On this scale, the mortgage loan is usually the better option. In view of the loan amount and term, even a small interest advantage can lead to considerable savings.

It is worth comparing interest rates. Anyone interested in this form of modernization financing should take advice. The aim is to coordinate the financing in detail (eg special repayments) and to compare conditions comprehensively. Our consultants will be happy to develop a tailor-made financing concept for you. The advice is free of charge and non-binding.

Only the interest rate comparison leads to a cheap modernization loan

Only the interest rate comparison leads to a cheap modernization loan

The choice of modernization loans is much larger than is often assumed. In the area of ​​real estate finance alone, we work with more than 300 banking partners. There are also several banks in the area of ​​installment loans. The same applies to loans with funding.

In terms of terms, the individual financing offers differ from one another quite considerably. This applies not only to the interest rate, but also to other condition components, such as terms and options for special repayment. It is important to seize this opportunity. If you make a clever comparison, you save cash and find the loan that suits you best.

For modernization loans in the order of approximately 1,000 to 40,000 dollars, a comparison with our condition calculator is recommended. By specifying the desired loan amount and term, it is determined at the push of a button where the best conditions lure. If the right loan with attractive interest rates has been found, the application is made.

For larger projects (eg converting the property in line with the age), we recommend a direct request. Our financing experts offer independent and therefore neutral advice on all aspects of construction finance. Their goal is to optimally coordinate the modernization loan and select it from hundreds of offers.

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