Plugged In offers vintage clothing, sneakers


Few stores carry a $ 15 Miller Lite tank top, a $ 100 1992 “Dream Team” T-shirt, a $ 220 Harley-Davidson 1984 T-shirt and a pair of $ 1,000 sneakers, all side by side. . These are just a few of the items from Plugged In, a vintage clothing and sneaker store that opened last weekend on the Strip.

Located at 1907 Cumberland Ave., Plugged In is every sneaker lover’s dream. The walls of the store are lined with colorful sneakers that range in price from $ 80 to $ 1,000. Vintage clothes fill a display rack in the center of the store, with old school memorabilia scattered throughout the store.

Browsing Plugged In’s inventory is like taking a time machine to a ’90s clothing store. We don’t know what you might find, but chances are you won’t find it. go elsewhere.

Plugged In has a distinct vibe, one that owners Dallas Ogletree and David Deacon hope will resonate with customers. After sharing a dorm in 2018 during their freshman year at Maryville College, the two quickly bonded over their love for shoes and fashion.

“We started selling shoes and clothes from our dorm, and that’s where it kind of took off,” Deacon told Knox News. “We want this store to be a one stop shop for our customers.”

Plugged In has operated as a fully online business, gaining sales through its website and social media such as Instagram and Snapchat. Ogletree and Deacon would visit thrift stores in Maryville and Knoxville looking for interesting clothes, reselling what they found.

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“It all started out of a love for shoes,” Ogletree said. “We cleaned our own shoes, put them on a shelf, and started selling them outside of our dorm just for the sake of the shoes.”

When they discovered that there was an active community of sneaker collectors in Knoxville, they began going to sneaker events and conventions to buy, sell and trade shoes.

Plugged In is a vintage clothing and sneaker store located at 1907 Cumberland Ave.  College friends David Deacon and Dallas Ogletree started the business from their dormitory at Maryville College.

“We would go to events (sneakers and vintage clothing) and buy a bunch of stuff, fill our car up, bring it back and sell it,” Ogletree said.

As their business grew more successful, Deacon and Ogletree decided to focus more on it. Ogletree switched to taking online classes in West Georgia, with Deacon taking a break from class to focus on Plugged In full-time.

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With Plugged In’s business steadily increasing, the two decided it was time to open up a physical location. Occupying the location occupied by House of Dragon on Cumberland Avenue for years, they hope to target their established patrons as well as the student body who frequent the Strip often.

“The students love the vintage clothes and the sneakers we wear,” Deacon said. “We also have high-end streetwear, so we’ll cater to different customers with different wants and needs. We’ve got everything from $ 10 t-shirts to designer clothes and shoes.”

Dallas Ogletree shows off a 1984 Harley-Davidson Thunder and Lightning t-shirt priced over $ 200 at Plugged In on Thursday, June 17, 2021.

All sneakers currently sold at Plugged In are new. Vintage clothing will be a mix of used, second-hand and unworn items. Ogletree and Deacon determine the value of each item based on scarcity, condition and demand, using online resources to check prices when available.

“We’re trying to have a good vibe here, kind of like a ‘barbershop’ feel,” Deacon said. “It won’t be that transactional. People will be able to come in, talk about what they’re buying, talk to us, get to know us and get a feel for what we’re doing.”

Branché is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Thursday and from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. The store will be closed on Sunday.

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