Watch: Flooding from Hurricane Fiona washes away bridge in Puerto Rico

The outbreak of Hurricane Fiona has left Puerto Rico without power. On Sunday afternoon, Hurricane Fiona hit the island of Puerto Rico. The intensity of the hurricane was so strong that the unincorporated territory of the United States was left without power.

Amid high winds that reached 86 mph (140 km/h) and intense rain, there were infrastructure damage. What makes matters worse is that Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico, just five years later. Hurricane Mariaconsidered the worst natural disaster in the island’s history, caused extensive damage.

A video, taken by photojournalist Juan R Costa, shows how hurricane-induced flooding washed away an entire bridge in the town of Utuado.

While sharing the video on Twitter, Juan R Costa (@NotiJuan) wrote that the bridge was installed on a national road at Salto Arriba in Utuado. Her 24-second clip posted on Monday garnered over 2.6 lakh views.

Commenting on the video, a Twitter user wrote, “As you go about your normal business today, please send positive vibes to Puerto Rico. The whole country is without electricity. Floods, damage… The hurricane season is not over.

Another person wrote: “Climate change and its disastrous effects will not stop just because you deny its existence. Mother nature is not playing with you all. Pray for the safety of the people of Puerto Rico. »

Speaking about how infrastructure damage is hampering relief work, one Twitter user remarked, “Part of my family is trapped in Utuado because the bridge collapsed, no one can get out and the emergency services emergency cannot come. It’s horrible and the action needs to happen ASAP, they shouldn’t be left here to die. We should never have let them die since Maria”.

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