“You Haters Pay For My Jet”

By Brian Webber: Ryan Garcia says haters make him a rich man, paying off his jet as he’s set to achieve great things by beating Javier Fortuna and Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis.

The already rich and famous Ryan Garcia (22-0, 18 KOs) headlines this Saturday night July 16 on DAZN against Javier Fortuna (37-3-1, 26 KOs) at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles.

Ryan feels the haters are scared of the success he’s about to achieve and how ready he is to become the best fighter in the sport.

After his fight with Fortuna on Saturday night, Ryan plans to challenge Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis for his secondary WBA lightweight belt in December.

While many boxing fans are counting Ryan in a fight against the heavyweight Tank Davis (27-0, 25 KOs), he is confident of winning this fight.

“This guy didn’t want to fight. I’m going to hit you all with some truth. It didn’t want to fight at all,” Ryan Garcia said on social media when asked what happened with Isaac Cruz.

“He had no intention of fighting. He doesn’t want to fight me; his team doesn’t want to fight me. I did everything in my power to make this fight happen. He knows about it.

“I posted about it, the WBC mandated it, and they didn’t want it. For some reason they didn’t want to do it. But it’s a business decision for them, which I understand. .

“I’m not really mad at it, but he tried to make it look like I was here trying to lie again. No, the WBC mandated it.

“Guys [Team Isaac Cruz] didn’t want to fight, and that was it. Just say you didn’t want to fight, and that’s cool. Just tell people you don’t want to fight, and they’ll be like, “Okay, they didn’t want to fight at that time,” which is fine.

“You want to keep your momentum going. Who did he fight? Gamboa and he was fighting a random guy [Francisco ‘El Bandito’ Vargas and Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis].

“This guy didn’t want to fight. I really wanted this fight because people wanted it. He was ranked #2 and I was ranked #1 with the WBC. I don’t understand why we couldn’t do it, but again, he would have been knocked out, he would have fallen asleep.

“The first, Cruz would have been eliminated in the first round. I’m going to make a Yorkshire Terrier out of him. He will not be a Pitbull. It will be a Yorkshire Terrier.

“There are so many possibilities in my mind. My intention is to go out there and make this guy [Fortuna] eat his words and suffocate with my punches, make sure i really teach this man a lesson about not talking about certain things.

“I can’t wait because he’s the kind of guy who represents a lot of negativity that I don’t like in this world. So I’m going to tell him the truth, and I’m going to beat him.

“Basically he said I was lying about my sanity and that he said I was a coward and he was going to rip my face off. He was going to eat my face no matter what. say.

“To me, those words are cheesy and they’re stupid. I know what I’m going to do in the ring, I’m going to go there, and I’m actually going to go there and cut his face open.

“You know what? There are a lot of different options, a lot of different possibilities. There’s a good chance, a 99.9% chance, that he’ll be knocked out. That’s pretty much guaranteed.

“That’s how it goes. It depends on the circumstances if it’s a left hook or a right hand, whatever it is. I will prepare this picture for him. My intention is to send shockwaves through the division.

“I want this performance to send shockwaves through the division, and I want everyone to be inspired by the shot and for it to be a spectacular knockout. This is my intention.

“When I’m in there, we fight, so we’ll see what happens. Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo? If they had the same weight, I would give the advantage to Oscar because of his speed.

“He could take punches faster than Canelo, but Canelo could knock Oscar out. Oscar was never eliminated, so I don’t even know. I think I’d give Oscar the edge, to be honest.

“Here’s the thing. A lot of fighters come to the gym and they expect those comments to contain any truth. So they think I don’t take it seriously when I get in there.

“They learn very quickly that, ‘I didn’t know he could actually fight, and I didn’t think it was going to hurt. They really go into it thinking I’m going on Instagram all day.

“It’s really hilarious. People are really delusional, and they read the comments. They want to believe the comments so badly. They want to believe that I don’t train every day.

“They want to believe that I don’t work hard. So if that’s their story, and they don’t want me to be what I can become. They are afraid of what I may become. I can become a star; I could become one of the best fighters in the world or the best.

“Actually, I’m going to be the best fighter in the world. I have all the tools. I have the speed, the power. I just have to put it all together. I have everything I need.

“I just have to figure it all out, and when I do, they can’t hate anymore. Give it a few years. They will soon stop hating each other. Let out their hatred now. You haters are paying for my jet, so that’s fine.

“Let all the hate out now. You will love me one day. Its good. I will continue to tell the truth. You have to come back sooner or later. So keep hating,” Ryan Garcia said.

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